Steve Almond, Bruce Machart on why corporate publishing stays away from short stories

Steve Almond and Bruce Machart discuss the fate of short story collections and the human brain in the age of the Internet.

Men in the Making, by Bruce Machart

Here’s a clip:

Almond: The Internet has monetized distraction, in essence. In almost every instance, it provides convenience at the expense of depth. In my own travels as a visiting writer, what I find most striking is that the students I encounter talk more about TV shows and movies and Youtube clips than about books. And remember: these are aspiring writers.

Machart: Why hasn’t the proliferation of MFA programs in the country corrected the downward trend in short story readership, or has it? Or do you believe, as some recent articles have suggested, that even the new generation’s young writers don’t really read?

Read the interview at The Nervous Breakdown.

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