‘Quick Fiction’, ‘Night Train’ cease publication after 10 years

Quick Fiction 18 coverTwo of the Boston-area’s well-respected lit-mags have decided to close shop this week.

Quick Fiction editors Jennifer and Adam Pieroni made the announcement on its Facebook page on early Wednesday afternoon, linking to a closeout sale of remaining copies of its 18 issues. Each issue was palm-sized, comprised of a list of flash fiction and adorned with quirky artwork on its cover.

Thank you for supporting, reading and constantly challenging us to send you the best little books we could manage. We’ve greatly enjoyed working with and following the careers of so many fine authors.

Single issues are $4 per book, a bulk of 10 or more are $3 each, and shipping is free.

Night Train founder Rusty Barnes announced today that Night Train magazine will cease publication. This comes after 10 years of showcasing content online and printing an annual. Barnes had a lengthy respite recently, intending to come back to the magazine.

It’s been ten years of fun and games, and despite the lengthy respite I just took, I find my interest waning. I want to apologize first to the people whose work I accepted and did not publish. I didn’t plan to quit originally, and so I held off on publishing your work. Any vilification I get for screwing you over is well deserved.


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