A picture is worth only 500 words for Post Road

Post Road magazine announced yesterday that it’s going to do something a little bit different with its guest folio section. The content will be based on a photo prompt, and the photo will be the cover of Post Road 25.

Post Road 25 cover

Post Road 25 cover: Passage de La Tour, by Jan Reymond

From PostRoadMag.com:

For the Post Road 25 Guest Folio, we’re trying something different: Between February 1 and March 31, we’re soliciting flash fiction, lyric essays, or prose poems inspired by Swiss artist Jan Reymond’s sculpture “Passage de La Tour” (“Passage to the Tower”).

A photograph of the sculpture appears below, and this image will also appear on the cover of Issue 25. Guest Editor Elizabeth Graver, in consultation with PR’s editorial board, will choose selections from the submissions received for that issue’s Folio.

Submissions should be no longer than 500 words. To submit work, please send it by email (saved as a Microsoft Word attachment) to postroad25@gmail.com.

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